hoya lens


We are please to announce that Eyes On Main is a HOYA
certified eyewear provider!

Designer eye glasses made with HOYA lenses have achieved
worldwide fame for its complete range of eyeglass lens designs,
materials and designer coatings.

Like fingerprints, no two eyes are exactly the same. The correction
to restore and enhance one’s vision should be equally unique, so HOYA
has developed the first Free-Form Design technology to analyze each
eye’s specific rotation and correction requirements. Their patented
Integrated Double Surface Design (IDSD) then shapes both sides of
the lens, designing the vertical component, which affects magnification
and distance, into the front, and the horizontal component,
which affects the power changes from side to side, into the back.

All other progressive lens designs limit the vertical and horizontal design
components to the same side of the lens. Only HOYA customizes
the lens on both sides for a personalized vision correction.

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