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Our eye clinic and optical is conveniently located in Central Minnesota by Alexandria Lakes Area, Melrose, Freeport, Albany, Avon, Belgrade, Brooten, Elrosa, Long Prairie, Glenwood, Forada, Villard, Osakis, and West Union.


Privacy Statements

With our warm unique environment and well established history of over 20 years, we achieve Peace Of Mind!

We are committed and dedicated to educating you, so you will leave with an understanding of your visual system.


The following information is considered confidential and proprietary:

  • Information regarding the practice’s patients, pricing policies, methods of operation and computer systems
  • Financial data such as revenue, budget projections, profit margins and cost of goods
  • All regulatory information and communications
  • All information related to the company’s business, to the management team and to team members
  • All patient Protected Health Information (PHI) and Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI) as defined in federal HIPAA legislation

As a condition of employment, all team members understand and agree to maintain confidentiality of the above listed subjects. No team member may, without prior written consent of company owners disclose any such confidential information to any person, firm or other entity. The obligation to maintain this confidentiality remains even after employment ends for any team member.


HIPAA - Discloser of Protection Health Information

Examples of how we use information for treatment purposes:

  • When we set up an appointment for you
  • When our technician or doctor tests your eyes
  • When the doctor prescribes glasses or contact lenses
  • When the doctor prescribes medication
  • When our staff helps you select and order glasses or contact lenses
  • When we show you low vision aids

We may disclose your health information outside of our office for treatment purposes, for example:

  • If we refer you to another doctor or clinic for eye care or low vision aids or services
  • If we send a prescription for glasses or contacts to another professional to be filled
  • When we provide a prescription for medication to a pharmacist
  • When we phone to let you know that your glasses or contact lenses are ready to be picked up

Sometimes we may ask for copies of your health information from another professional that you may have seen before.

We may use your health information within our office or disclose your health information outside of our office for payment purposes, for example:

  • When our staff asks you about health or vision care plans that you may belong to, or about other sources of payment for our services
  • When we prepare bills to send to you or your health or vision care plan
  • When we process payment by credit card and when we try to collect unpaid amounts due
  • When bills or claims for payment are mailed, faxed, or sent by computer to you or your health or vision plan
  • When we occasionally have to ask a collection agency or attorney to help us with unpaid amounts due

We use and disclose your health information for healthcare operations in a number of ways. Health care operations means those administrative and managerial functions that we have to do in order to properly run our office. We may use or disclose your health information, for example, for financial or billing audits, for internal quality assurance, for personnel decisions, to enable our doctors to participate in managed care plans, for the defense of legal matters, to develop business plans, and for outside storage of our records.


Appointment Reminders

We may call or send a letter to remind you of scheduled appointments. We may also call to notify you of other treatments or services available at our office that might help you.



If you think that we have not properly respected the privacy of your health information, you are free to submit a complaint to us or to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights. We will not retaliate against you if you make a complaint. If you want to submit a complaint to us, send a written complaint to Eyes On Main, Attention Minnow Speidel. If you prefer, you can discuss your complaint in person or by phone.


For More Information

If you want more information about our privacy practices, please contact Eyes On Main.