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Our eye clinic and optical is conveniently located in Central Minnesota by Alexandria Lakes Area, Melrose, Freeport, Albany, Avon, Belgrade, Brooten, Elrosa, Long Prairie, Glenwood, Forada, Villard, Osakis, and West Union.



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Eyewear is of the Essence!

Our wide selection includes over 500 designer eyewear and sunwear options to accommodate any age or gender. We welcome and encourage walk-ins with or without a prescription. We'll help find the right frame that's both comfortable and suited to your personal lifestyle.


A warranty comes with your purchase of your frame. Your eyewear lives the same life you do, and we understand breakage or scratching may occur. Your warranty will assure you seeing clearly day after day.

Custom crafting your eyewear will typically take 7 - 10 business days. With a 60 day full refund and a 180 day exchange, we're confident you'll be satisfied.

Frame Selection

Our optical team understands the importance of not only looking good, but great in the right frame. In addition, we also have a thorough understanding of the science of optics, something many of our competitors can't claim!

We carry top designers such as Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior, Inface, Neostyle, Carrera,
Claiborne For Men, Juicy Couture, Liz Claiborne,
Tura, Vera Wang

Sunwear Selection

Despite the fact that the sun is over 93 million miles away, its rays also pose important health and ocular dangers.
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a component of solar energy. You are probably aware of the danger posed by UV radiation to your skin, but you may not realize that exposure to UV radiation can harm your eyes and affect your vision!

Our optical team will guide you in which sunglasses not only look great on your face, but protect your eyes.

Designers include Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Wiley X

Lens & Lifestyles

One pair of lenses no longer meets all your vision requirements.  Just as your wardrobe includes different shoes and clothing for all your activities, your eyewear should also contain various lenses for sports, work and hobbies.

Featuring hoya

Lens Materials

  • Hard Resin:  This lens is referred to as conventional plastic lenses.  They are half the weight of glass lenses.
  • High Index:  Thinner and lighter than conventional plastic lenses. They have 100% UV protection and are recommended for more complicated lens prescriptions.
  • Polycarbonate:  More impact resistant, 20% lighter than conventional plastic lenses, and 100% UV protection.
  • Phoenix Trivex:  Phoenix has superior optics over polycarbonate.  It is impact resistant, chemical resistant and has 100% UV protection and provides the clearest possible vision available.

Lens Designs

  • Bifocal: This lens has two corrective powers in one lens with a line separating them.

  • Free Form Progressives:  Ground breaking digital lens surfacing techniques that put a critical part of the prescription on the back surface of the lens allowing the prescription to be closer to the eye, expanding the clear viewing area.

    • Hoya My Style:As personal as lenses get, MyStyle lenses will provide you with perfect correction & deliver exceptional comfort.
    • Hoya ID Lifestyle: Created entirely & exclusively for your viewing satisfaction.
    • Hoya Summit IQ: Let you see the world in hi-definition.

  • Occupational/Recreational:  whether staring at numbers all day or working with machinery, there are specialty lenses to accommodate all types of vision needs as well as providing protection and comfort. 
  • Single Vision:  This lens has one power of correction.  It can be prescribed for distance vision or near vision.
  • Hoya ID Single Vision: Superior visual performance in all directions. A wider, clearer visual field.
  • Traditional Progressive:  This is the most commonly used multifocal lens and is considered all purpose.  These lenses correct distance, intermediate and near vision without having any lines.
    • Hoya Summit ECP/CD
    • Hoya GP Wide

  • Trifocal:  This lens has correction for distance, intermediate, and near vision separated by lines in your lens.
  • Specialty lenses & lenses that alleviate specific vision correction issues:
    • Hoya Tact Computer Lenses: designed specifically for prolonged near visual tasks to help alleviate eyestrain & reduce fatigue
    • Hoya Sync Single Vision: designed to provide effortless, comfortable viewing adaptations to whatever your visually strenuous days demand

Lens Enhancements

  • Anti Reflective Treatment:  A very popular and beneficial lens treatment, AR reduces annoying reflections on your lenses and allows more light to pass through your lens instead of reflect off your lens.  Allowing more light to get to your eyes provides clearer sharper vision.
    • Hoya EX3: Extreme anti-reflection for maximum visual clarity & extreme scratch resistance.
    • Hoya Recharge: Reduces the stress on your eyes by limited the frequency of light emitted from back lit device.
  • Photochromic:   This lens goes from almost clear indoors to varying shades of darkness outdoors when exposed to UV rays.
  • Polarization:  These sun lenses will stop annoying glare.  Superior to ordinary sun lenses that only reduce visible light, the polarized lens eliminates annoying reflected glare from snow, water and shiny surfaces that cause squinting and blind spots, and reduces eye strain.
  • Hoya Clarity Shield:  When applied to the front and back side surfaces of lenses, your lenses resist scratches which not only are distracting, but reduce visibility.
  • Tint:  Tinting lenses can make a fashion statement.  Available in a wide variety of colors, tints can be applied solid or in gradation.
  • Ultraviolet Absorption:  A must!  UV treatment on lenses protects eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, like sunscreen protects skin.  This treatment is widely recommended to reduce the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration. 

Accessorize yourself with eyewear cases, sunglass clips-on that fit any style of frame, polarized lenses, designer bags, reading glasses, eyeglass chains, fun contact lens cases, and lens cleaning supplies!

Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great way of correcting vision! Advanced technology makes it possible for people to wear contact lenses with astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and now bifocals. Successful contact lenses must be comfortable, and provide helpful vision. Fundamentally, they must be safe for the health of your eyes, and we take this seriously. To achieve this we:

  • Provide an exam to ensure your eyes are suitable for wearing contact lenses
  • Trial fit you in a lens to make sure it's in the right lens for you
  • Require visits to ensure the lenses are healthy for your eyes
  • When necessary, discuss the Contact Lens Training program
  • Encourage ongoing Evaluation & Review

Contact Lens Designs are used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and bifocal.

Soft, hard, disposable, extended wear, CRT (correct your vision while you sleep!), and more, are Contact Lens Types that your eye doctor will discuss which is best for you.

contact lenses with flowersWith the availability of Bifocal Contacts, more and more patients over the age of 40 are wearing contacts, even if they’ve never worn them before. Children, teens, and adults are all good candidates. Consider that your hobbies and lifestyle may have a positive impact with contact lenses as well.

Are you unsure contact lenses are right for you? Contact us to schedule a consultation during your next eye exam.

CL Evaluation & Review

Contact Lens Evaluation & Review will include an evaluation of the contact lens fit, any necessary contact lens parameter & power changes, and a look at the overall condition of your eyes with the contact lenses on and off. This includes a free 6 month contact lens follow-up visit.

Contact Training & Instruction

The Contact Training & Instruction program is required for new contact lens wearers and optional for existing contact lens patients.

While contact lenses are an excellent choice, they can turn into a serious issue if not worn as prescribed. A professional contact lens technician will talk to you about insertion and removal, lens solution, wear schedule, and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll be provided with a starter kit containing a contact lens case, solution, and a pamphlet guide on contact lens care & handling during your Contact Training & Instruction.

Contact Lens Fees

You’ll be informed of contact lens fees in advance before any lenses are ordered.

We require a 50% payment on all contacts before they are ordered. Contacts must be picked up within 30 days of the order date.

Patient’s success and satisfaction is our number one goal and only top-quality materials are used. If, for any unforeseen reason, you’re not satisfied with the lenses, they may be returned within 90 days of the dispense date and a 100% store credit will be issued or you may receive a 60% cash refund.

We warranty all lenses to be free of defects or they will be replaced at no charge within 30 days.